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A Difficult Year, but That Won't Stop Kasma SF Magazine.

As some of you know, I am in the process of completing a master's degree. I am studying to become a librarian. Since I run a fiction magazine, I can see my choice as a librarian in training to be a logical one. The program I am in is expensive, and I haven't ever had much money. That said, I will be running this magazine until the day I die, or until someone comes along who I feel can do it better.

The biggest motivation for me to keep Kasma going is when I see the stats. We get about 2000+ unique readers per month. For a magazine that does not advertise itself, I think this is pretty amazing. Once in a while, I even get an email from people who want to tell me that the magazine is pretty cool. As an editor, it doesn't get better than that.

I personally think that Kasma Magazine is among the best token to semi pro paying markets out there. I hope you feel the same. If you are a writer, please think of us when submitting your work. We've published some pretty heavy names in the industry, including Ken Liu, Alexis A. Hunter, Alex Shvartsman, Anatoly Belilovsky, Tom Doyle, and others.

If you are a reader, keep reading, and if you can, email me and tell me about a story that you liked. I very much appreciate it.

In any case, Kasma Magazine will keep going. Until I stop going. You have my word on that.


Alex Korovessis