Submission Guidelines

Kasma is currently OPEN to submissions.

We prefer short science fiction between 1000 and 5000 words in length, though we'll consider stories that are longer. Ideally, we'd like to receive fiction that is intelligent, with well thought out plots and characters. Beyond this, exactly what happens in your world with your characters is up to you. We enjoy a broad range and don't want to stifle author creativity by having elaborate expectations. Often enough, the best stories come as a surprise.

Although Kasma is a science fiction publication, we have been known to (rarely) make an exception and wander into other genres (e.g. fantasy). Alternately, if you have a really great fantasy story, think of submitting it to our friends at Redhead Magazine.

We do not accept poetry at this time.


We pay a flat rate of twenty-five dollars per story that we accept. Payments are made via Paypal only.


Upon having your work accepted by Kasma, you are able to and are automatically giving us non-exclusive electronic publishing rights, or reprint rights if applicable, to publish your story on our website. We do not own your story. You are free to publish and sell it elsewhere, as long as whatever publication you sell it to understands that the rights you are giving them are non-exclusive. After a period of one year, all rights revert back to you and you may, if you wish, ask us to remove your story from our site. We hope that you won't however, as we would like to include your story in our archive of great, short science fiction.


Send us your short story by pasting it within the body of an email. No fancy fonts or formatting please, though feel free to underscore italics (e.g. _this is italicized_). Send all work to:

Thank you!