The Kyne Extraction

By Fi Mitchell

Artwork by Jose Baetas.

Kyne Extraction Attempt #17 Log: Observations of Subject Omega

Earthdate: 2015:08:12   Final observation phase.  

Subject Omega (SO) fits our highest level selection criteria. She shares our faith in the sanctity of life and does not believe in abortion. She is of strong body and mind, with a powerful tendency to rationalise the extraordinary. This agility was a low level criteria but we recommend upgrading it to high.  We believe it is crucial to future success since previous Kyne Indicators achieved a maximum 77%, prior to traumatic failure. SO surpassed this benchmark four Earth weeks ago.  

Localtime: 11:15:32   Kyne Indicators: 90%  

SO is a partner at Tucson, Tucson & Anders, a law firm in Sydney, Australia. (A 'white collar' job is a desirable subject attribute.) SO is presenting her client's case in court. The pearl buttons of her blouse pop open due to changes in her breast tissue composition. The capillaries in her neck and cheeks are dilating.  Her blood pressure is rising but remains below the danger level. The judge instructs her to buy new clothes over the weekend. (We believe she will find this unnecessary.) 

Localtime: 21:45:10  Kyne Indicators: 92%.

We observe SO in her bedroom, struggling to unbutton her trousers. The buttons bite further into her growing midsection each day. Her resistance to buying maternity clothes is a desirable subject attribute. The reduced financial impact helps us achieve an impressive Neutral Impact Level (NIL).

She balances on one leg while her opposite foot grabs the hem of her trousers. This position is unstable. Regulations forbid our intervention. She is wobbling. The progeny moves.  

(We pause for one Earth second to calm ourselves.)

She stands on the trouser hem and pulls her other leg free. Her pulse nears danger level. The progeny flips.  

(Our bladders ache with fear but we persevere.)   

We are impressed by her ability to control her centre of gravity at this advanced stage. She has stabilised.  

Kyne Indicators: 94%

SO has stored her clothes, but her shoes remain scattered on the floor beside her bed. This risks tripping her but we may not intervene.  

She collects a teddy bear from her pillow. SO sometimes sleeps with the bear but it is inert; harmless to the progeny. SO carries it through her walk-in-robe and leaves it on the bathroom shelf. She takes a shower. The water temperature is fifteen heat units. This is safe.  

The progeny is moving and SO's pulse is rising. She breathes too fast. Increased oxygen stimulates the progeny further.  Our bladders are weakening with excitement.)

Kyne Indicators: 95%.

SO is moaning and her limbs tremble. She touches each one of the fifteen moving protrusions on her midsection. These are an extremely exciting indicator. (One of our bladders has burst.) Her midsection resembles an Earth-child's beach ball with the short plastic fingers poking out all over.  

SO is crying, "Please, God, make it stop." Her pulse is too elevated but regulations forbid our intervention. She braces her hands upon the glass shower screen to stay upright. We pray to the Higher One. 

The fifteen protrusions disappear.  

Localtime:  22:00:05  Kyne Indicators:  96%.

SO has completed her shower. She collects the bear and walks back into her walk-in-robe. Her pulse and breathing have slowed. She tucks the teddy into the pram squashed in the corner. It contains clothes and toys suitable for a human baby. We believe these items help SO maintain her self-deception and hence her mind.  

Kyne Indicators: 97%

SO puts on an old t-shirt which belonged to the man with whom she intended to life-pair. (His absence is the result of Kyne Procedure Nine--Prepping the Environment.) SO has not paired in the two Earth years since he left. This is a desirable subject attribute but the lack of a human father is a source of confusion for her, hence the importance of the correct psychological profile. SO has no conscious memory of our first physical visit, though she may recall fragments in dreams. The only sign we left was a migraine headache.

Localtime: 22:03:24  Kyne Indicators:  97.5%

SO's pulse is rising as she enters her bedroom. The progeny is moving. She grasps her midsection and trips over a shoe. The progeny-- 

(We cannot continue to observe. To come so far and still risk failure!)  

(We risk a look.) 

She has suffered no serious damage. (Fifty-three of our bladders have exploded.)  

She is limping. She kicks the shoe into the wardrobe.

(We apologise for our outburst. Please understand, the circumstance is exceptional.)

Localtime: 22:15:41  Kyne Indicators:  98%.

SO is in bed asleep. Many nights, we observe her wake as she turns over. When she sees her midsection glow blue, she shuts her eyes. We believe she prefers to think this is a nightmare.    

Her avoidance is ongoing. Since her initial ultrasound, she has not returned to her doctor, nor booked into a hospital for the birth. Contrarians believe this shows that at some level she knows the truth.  

The progeny is pulsing!

Localtime: 00:17:11  Kyne Indicators:  99.6%

(We have fully repaired ourselves and are ready for the extraction.)

SO's midsection emits deep indigo light and has now reached full saturation.  

We dampen our arrival to reduce the disturbance to only the flapping of curtains. This is unfortunate since her window is shut, still, it is the best we can achieve. We emit a bright white-light at soothing wavelengths. SO's eyes open; this is unavoidable.  

To limit her perception to her immediate surroundings, we increase the light emission from her sheets and pillows. At the same moment, we take SO and her bed out of time. She cannot correctly perceive or comprehend dimensions beyond those her senses are designed for. Her rationalist tendencies must be extremely strong to maintain her mind. Some would panic. She will seek denial. This will calm her.

Localtime: Irrelevant.  Kyne Indicators:  100%

We perform the Kyne Extraction. The progeny is pulsing in perfect unity with the Higher Concerto! Our first ever final stage extraction! (We are using the new techniques and the new subject selection profile.) 

In accordance with our mandate, Improve the Universe and Treat All Creatures with Respect, we enhance her metabolic rate. In future she will maintain her optimal body weight with no effort. We neutralise the undetected cancer cells in her right breast. We extend her natural life by the term of seven point five Earth months, to compensate for the time we have used. We achieve a NIL. In fact, allowing for the medical enhancements, we achieve a PIL (+44). We have never dared imagine such a thing. 

SO is sleeping again. We return SO to her bedroom.  

Localtime: 06:23:11  

We follow up. It is morning and SO has woken. She rubs her eyes. Temporary blurred vision is to be expected. She is sits and holds her head in her hands.  The throbbing will fade as soon as she adjusts to her new state. She is sweating. The air temperature is still warm from our visit. She removes her t-shirt, puts on a bra and underpants, and opens the window. Her senses are still exhibiting confusion.  

She enters the wardrobe and pushes the garments aside. She picks up the teddy bear from the pram and hugs it. This is an emotional prop which will aid her recovery. She fetches down a pair of black denim jeans. Her new metabolism is beginning to function. She will feel a renewed sense of energy.  

She has dropped the emotional prop. She is pulling the jeans on and is zipping them up. This is now easy for her.

She is looking for shoes in the pile beneath the hanging garments. She appears to favour a pair of Italian sandals with cork soles. They will elongate her figure and make her look slimmer, in a style that humans find attractive. She is crouching down to pick them up.  

Localtime: 06:28:22

She has stopped moving.

Localtime: 06:29:22

She is still not moving. 

Localtime: 06:30:01

She is looking down at her body and making choking noises. This is harmless. 

She is patting her midsection. She is screaming, "Oh God oh God oh God." Her blood pressure is high but it will return to normal.

She is picking up the the emotional prop and hugging it to her chest. She is crying.

Subject Omega has survived without damage. She is a good candidate for repeat insemination.